Monday, October 20, 2008

Heartbeat failed to connect to standby 'STANDBY'. ORA 01031

Hi Friends,

As I am working on Creating a Standby Database Server with Data Guard. After creating a standby database server with Data Guard I found that my Primary Database alert.log file is writing the below mentioned error.

PING[ARCj]: Heartbeat failed to connect to standby 'STANDBY'. Error is 1031.
Mon Oct 20 20:12:29 2008
Error 1031 received logging on to the standby
Mon Oct 20 20:12:29 2008
Errors in file d:\oracle\product\10.2.0\admin\primary\bdump\primary_arcj_1052.trc:
ORA-01031: insufficient privileges
So I started working on this concern. If any of you are receiving this kind of error here is the possible solution that I got.

1. Removes the parameter db_allowed_logon_version which is replaced by the sqlnet.ora parameter called sqlnet_allowed_logon_version.
2. There is a possiblilty that we give a different passwords on Production and Standby. If so we need to re-create the password file with the same password.

I think this will help all the DBA's a lot.....

Keep Enjoying......

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  1. Am trying to create standby database,

    This is the error wich am getting after i switch log file from primary. .

    FAL[client]: Failed to request gap sequence
    GAP - thread 1 sequence 10-11
    DBID 2875144453 branch 691583240
    FAL[client]: All defined FAL servers have been attempted.
    Check that the CONTROL_FILE_RECORD_KEEP_TIME initialization
    parameter is defined to a value that is sufficiently large
    enough to maintain adequate log switch information to resolve
    archivelog gaps.

    Error am gettin on trace file of primary:

    Heartbeat failed to connect to standby


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