Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oracle 11g Release 2: Cluster Verify Components (CLUVFY)

CVU is used for component verfication and can be used at any stage. It is used for multiple verfication like basic, free disk space, check Oracle clusterware stake. It is used to see any specific behavior of a cluster component like availability, integrity, etc.

Below are the options that are provided in CLUVFY utility in 11g Release 2:

Usage: cluvfy comp "name of the component from the below list"
  • nodereach : checks reachability between nodes

  • nodecon : checks node connectivity

  • cfs : checks CFS integrity

  • ssa : checks shared storage accessibility

  • space : checks space availability

  • sys : checks minimum system requirements

  • clu : checks cluster integrity

  • clumgr : checks cluster manager integrity

  • ocr : checks OCR integrity

  • olr : checks OLR integrity

  • ha : checks HA integrity

  • crs : checks CRS integrity

  • nodeapp : checks node applications existence

  • admprv : checks administrative privileges

  • peer : compares properties with peers

  • software : checks software distribution

  • asm : checks ASM integrity

  • acfs : checks ACFS integrity

  • gpnp : checks GPnP integrity

  • gns : checks GNS integrity

  • scan : checks SCAN configuration

  • ohasd : checks OHASD integrity

  • clocksync : checks Clock Synchronization

  • vdisk : check Voting Disk Udev settings 

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