Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oracle 11g Release 2: SRVCTL commands PART 7 [SCAN_LISTENER]

SRVCTL command for SCAN Listner:

To add SCAN Listener
  • srvctl add scan_listener [-l lsnr_name_prefix] [-s] [-p "[TCP:]port_list[/IPC:key][/NMP:pipe_name][/TCPS:s_port] [/SDP:port]"]
  • srvctl add scan_listener -l scanlistener01
To Remove Scan Listener
  • srvctl remove scan_listener [-f]
  • srvctl remove scan_listener -f
Note: Below command is using ordinal_number parameter so An ordinal number is that identifies which SCAN VIP you want to start. The range of values you can specify for this option is 1 to 3.

To Start Scan Listener
  • srvctl start scan_listener [-n node_name] [-i ordinal_number]
  • srvctl start scan_listener -n linuxrac01 -i 1
To Stop Scan Listener
  • srvctl stop scan_listener [-i ordinal_number] [-f]
  • srvctl stop scan_listener -i 3
To check the status of Scan Listner
  • srvctl status scan_listener [-i ordinal_number]
  • srvctl status scan_listener -i 1
To Enable Scan Listener
  • srvctl enable scan_listener [-i ordinal_number]
  • srvctl enable scan_listener -i 2
To Disable Scan Listener
  • srvctl disable scan_listener [-i ordinal_number]
  • srvctl disable scan_listener -i 1
To Configure Scan Listener
  • srvctl config scan_listener [-i ordinal_number]
  • srvctl config scan_listener -i 3
To Modify Scan Listener
  • srvctl modify scan_listener {-p [TCP:]port[/IPC:key][/NMP:pipe_name] [/TCPS:s_port][/SDP:port] -u }
  • srvctl modify scan_listener -u -p TCP:1521
To relocate Scan Listener
  • srvctl relocate scan_listener -i ordinal_number [-n node_name]
  • srvctl relocate scan_listener -i 1 -n linuxrac02

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