Monday, December 20, 2010

Error: /usr/lib/ Unresolved symbol: nnflgapc (code) from /oracle//9.2.0/bin

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Yesterdayy I received an error "Unresolved symbol: nnflgapc (Code)" and was trying to find the reason why it is and also what is the permanent fix for it.

Below is the answer to my question "Why it is occurred?".

I have got this error while using LSNRCTL command on HP UX Server. The problem is with Oracle Library, which either was not created properly in the machine.

Second thought was then why I am able to use SQLPLUS command but later after studying I found that SQLPLUS does not uses the same library that are used by LSNRCTL command.

Permanent Fix

This error indicates that the Dynamic Loader (DLD) is unable to find the symbol nnflgapc which should have been created by one of the library file.

The option is to  re-install the Oracle DB Software so that it will re-create the libraries and re-validate the same according to changes in the server environment.

Hope this article will help you out and please don't forget to give your comments.

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