Saturday, July 16, 2011

Oracle 11g Release 2: OCR Backup

Till Oracle 10g, we have a utility dd to backup OCR and voting disk but moving to 11g Release 2 it is done automatically.

Oracle software automatically backups up OCR file with the below schedule

  • 1st is at 4 hours old
  • 2nd is at 8 hours old
  • 3rd is at 12 hours old
  • 4th is at 24 hours old
  • 5th is at 48 hours old
  • 6th is 7 days old
  • 7th is at 14 days old.

The start is not as per the day or date. it calculates the start time as the clusterware start time.

Even still if you are looking to backup the OCR file manually you can use the below command.
ocrconfig -manualbackup /filelocation/phy_ocr.bak
To list the manual backup
ocrconfig -showbackup manual
To list the backup that was taken automatically by oracle execute
ocrconfig -showbackup auto

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