Monday, July 18, 2011

Oracle 11g Release 2: SRVCTL commands PART 4 [LISTENER]

SRVCTL command for Listener:

To add/remove listener
  • srvctl add listener -n node_name -o ORACLE_HOME [-l listener_name]
  • srvctl add listener –n linuxrac01 –o $ORACLE_HOME –l listenerbhavik_test01
  • srvctl remove listener -n node_name [-l listener_name]
  • srvctl remove listener –n linuxrac02 –l listenerbhavik_test02

To add/remove listener in 11g Rel 2
  • srvctl add listener -l LISTENERASM01 -p "TCP:1525" -o $ORACLE_HOME
  • srvctl add listener -l listenerbhavik01 -p 1341 -o /db/oracle/ora11201
  • srvctl remove listener [-l lsnr_name|-a] [-f]
  • srvctl remove listener -l listenerbhavik01

To start/stop listener
  • srvctl start listener -n node_name [-l listener_names]
  • srvctl start listener -n linuxrac01
  • srvctl stop listener -n node_name [-l listener_names]
  • srvctl stop listener -n linuxrac01

To check the status of the listener
  • srvctl status listener [-n node_name] [-l listener_names]
  • srvctl status listener -n linuxrac02

To configure listener
  • srvctl config listener -n node_name
  • srvctl config listener –n linuxrac01
  • srvctl config listener [-l lsnr_name] [-a]
  • srvctl config listener -l listenerbhavik01

To modify the listener
  • srvctl modify listener -n node_name [-l listener_names] -o ORACLE_HOME
  • srvctl modify listener -n linuxrac03 -o /db/oracle/app/oracle/product/11.2/asm -l "LISTENERbhavik_test04"

To enable/disable listener
  • srvctl enable listener [-l lsnr_name] [-n node_name]
  • srvctl enable listener -l listenerbhavik_test02 -n linuxrac02
  • srvctl disable listener [-l lsnr_name] [-n node_name]
  • srvctl disable listener -l listenerbhavik_test02 -n linuxrac02
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To get/set/unset environment parameter for listener
  • srvctl getenv listener [-l lsnr_name]
  • srvctl getenv listener -l listenerbhavik_test02
  • srvctl setenv listener [-l lsnr_name] [-t "name=val]
  • srvctl setenv listener -t LANG=en
  • srvctl unsetenv listener [-l lsnr_name] [-t name]
  • srvctl unsetenv listener -t "TNS_ADMIN"

Just keep watching more on its way to come in PART 5

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