Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oracle 11g Release 2: Add a Node in the Cluster with addNode.sh

Currently we have 2 node cluster in the below example and we will be adding 3rd node to it.

There are various methods to add a node to the cluster but here we will be using addNode.sh.

Adding node to existing cluster

Below is the pre-requisite check that I have prepared that is also suggested by Oracle.
  • Physical connectivity with Network of the existing cluster and storage including public network, private network, etc. as shown in the figure above.
  • Operating system image as it is available in the existing cluster nodes. If you are not able to make a image copy then please make sure to make the changes that was made while preparing existing nodes.
  • SSH needs to be configured to operate without asking the passwords with both fully qualified name and non-qualified name.
Execute the cluster verify utility to check the new node i.e. racn3 from the existing node i.e. racn1 or racn2
  • [grid@racn1]$ cluvfy stage -post hwos -n racn3 [This will perform the post-hardware and operating system check]
  • [grid@racn1]$ cluvfy comp peer -refnode racn1 \ -n racn3 -orainv oinstall -osdba asmdba -verbose [This will perform a in-depth comparison of one existing referencing to the new node]
Next step is to verify the integrity of the cluster and node that we are going to add i.e. racn3
  • [grid@racn1]$ cluvfy stage -pre nodeadd -n racn3
As in this example we are not using GNS (Grid Naming Service) so we will be executing the addNode.sh script located at $GRID_HOME/oui/bin folder as stated below.
  • [grid@racn1]$ ./addNode.sh -silent "CLUSTER_NEW_NODES={racn3}" "CLUSTER_NEW_VIRTUAL_HOSTNAMES={racn3-vip}"
Once the addNode.sh script is executed at the end of the script the instruction will be provided to execute the root.sh script located at /db/oracle/app/11.2.0/grid/root.sh on all the nodes of the cluster [racn1, racn2 and racn3].

After the executing of root.sh to make sure about the node addition we will be executing the cluster verify utility with the below option.
  • [grid@racn1]$ cluvfy stage -post nodeadd -n racn3 -verbose
We are done!!!

Hope this topic will help you out to add a node in the cluster at your workplace. Please leave your comments if you like it or need any further help.

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